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Creative Refresh

Case Situation

Company Challenge:
Response rates of collateral utilizing template formats lagging.

  • Developed campaign re-fresh for Gartner BPM and Application Architecture, Development & Integration Summits, with out-of-the box imagery and messaging assimilating with corporate branding guidelines to create the most successful event in the brand’s history.
  • Developed innovative contests, premiums, and messaging with demonstrated lift in response rates.

Final Notice Email: Messaging focus on practical do's & don'ts, with early utlilization of video in email.

 New Year's Resolution Email: Unique imagry for pre-New Year deployment for early Feb.event.

 BPM Brochure: Unique stone imagry used throughout campaign; most successful BPM Summit ever.

Trivia Contest: Some fun, some challenging content questions with cash incentive.

Brochure: Test of a conceptualized 'magazine cover' vs. the standard brochure cover.