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Case Situations

Company Challenge:
Company faced a situation too common today: declining click-through rates (CTR) and views/opens for standard email campaigns, along with increased opt-outs.

Analysis Demonstrated:
Frequent cases of multiple emails being sent to key prospects within a short period of time, creating corporate client dissatisfaction and potentially reputationally challenging company.

  • Development and implementation of a content marketing initiative, utilizing monthly, opt-in email newsletters offering content vs. pure promotional messaging. Promotional elements included, but not front and center.
  • Emails generated double click-through and view rate of standard email and alleviated quantity of emails transmitted.
  • Strategic Partnerships with key organizations, organizing lead generation efforts to broaden scope and reach of efforts, generating list segments which demonstrated upwards of 10% conversion rate.

 Event Insiders: eCRM initiative to increase engagement and tackle internal marketing list fatigue.