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What are people saying about John S. Gibb?
"I first worked with John in 2006 when we were both event marketers at Gartner and had always found him extremely helpful, a good team player and a practitioner of what I would consider best practice event marketing. So when I needed someone to help execute the marketing for a launch event in the US, I got in touch with him in his freelance capacity. His work was consistently thorough, he's extremely conscientious and kept me up-to-date with progress so I could feel confident to leave the project with him. He really was an extension of the marketing team - the ideal way to work with freelance support. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending him."
Clare Laurie, Head of Marketing, Econsultancy


"I've worked with John over nearly four years and countless projects. More than enough to know that what he does is produce. Confronted with challenges in budget or brand, process or partner, John simply makes it happen. He's got grace, energy and an amazing storehouse of experience with every nuance of marketing. John can make the most of any list, get people in the door, drive leads and drive sales and do all of that with a smile on his face. John Gibb is the marketer we all wish we had at our back and on our team."

Stefan Tornquist, Vice President Research (US), Econsultancy

"It has been a pleasure working with John. He is a knowledgeable and self-driven marketer who truly cares about his work. John is both creative and practical when it came to recommending marketing strategies and he can easily handle a rapidly changing and growing environment. John has been a reliable colleague and friend whom I’d recommend without hesitation."

Danielle Mackie, Client Services Manager, Econsultancy

“I have worked with John for over four years, and it has been a great honor to collaborate with John on the numerous projects over his tenure. John is one of the most diligent, hard working and steadfast individuals that I have worked with. The thought and innovation John brings to his work will make him an asset to any team.”

Dale Carnegie, Sr. Manager Database Marketing & Analytics, Gartner

“John is the ultimate marketing person. He clearly understands every aspect of marketing and what needs to be done to accomplish marketing goals. John has excellent skills in writing as well as planning and executing of marketing programs.”

Phil Grano, Industry Specialist, Gartner

“John is a knowledgeable, hard working professional with a broad background. I worked with him on several campaigns and events and appreciated his insights and thoroughness - he contributed significantly to the success of those projects.”

Roy Schulte, VP Software, Gartner

“John and I worked on the same team for a number of Gartner events. John was adept at creating significant partnerships and driving exceptional attendance for Gartner events. He was a committed team member who tirelessly worked to make the Gartner events portfolio demographically superior to the competition. John will be a great addition to an organization looking for a strategic employee who also knows how to tactically approach robust marketing campaigns.”

Christopher Callaghan, NA Sales Director, Gartner WW Events, Gartner

“John is results oriented, strategic-minded and consistently delivered structured, well thought out, analysis. He could always be counted on to get an answer back to you, to be a calming influence in the face of a crisis, to provide valuable feedback and as a great sounding board.”

Elizabeth Klingseisen, Marketing Director, Gartner Consulting

“I met John initially in a Gartner Excellent Manager course and I was immediately impressed because he is brilliant, strategic, and successful. His marketing expertise is evident by the outcome of his events and the corporate recognition that he earned. I would love to have the opportunity to work with John again.”

Jody Mear, Sr. Marketing Manager, Gartner

“John has an extensive direct mail marketing background which greatly helped accelerate the growth in Gartner Events. In addition, he took on new marketing roles as needed - e-newsletters, media partner program, channel marketing strategist, etc. I highly recommend John's work ethic.”

Beth Ranney, Senior Program Manager, Gartner

“I've worked with John for more than three years in the Events Marketing Division at Gartner, and during that time have found him to be the consummate marketing professional. He has demonstrated experience across all marketing facets - from budgets, strategy, and planning through campaign execution and back-end analysis. I had also observed him offer guidance and mentor others on the team. I would strongly recommend John as a strong marketing leader.”

Lisa Planchard, Sr. Manager, Gartner

“John was a real pleasure to work with because he could take an idea and shape it into action. He is an avid listener that gets things done, That is a rare combination in today’s business world. We made a good team for the projects we worked on together.”

Jim Sinur, VP & Distinguished Analyst, Gartner

“John is an exceptionally talented marketing executive. While working with John at Gartner, I witnessed his ability to excel at every level, from senior-level strategic direction, to team leadership, to tactical execution. He is an extremely dedicated and focused individual who always seems to operate with a healthy sense of urgency. It comes as no surprise that John consistently exceeds goals; often under tight budgets and deadlines. I unequivocally recommend John to anyone.”

Jack Sarsen, Director, Global Business Development, Worldwide Events, Gartner

“John is a genuine marketing professional. He is creative and demonstrates keen awareness of marketing trends. John has been instrumental in providing marketing support for my Summit events and I find him to be very personable and easy to work with both in team environments and one-to-one. I would recommend John without hesitation.”

Juan P. Fernandez , Director Program Management North American Summit Events,  Gartner

“I worked with John as the marketing manager on several projects during my time as a Director of Program Management at Gartner. John is, hands down, the most professional, insightful, and hardest working marketing manager I have ever had the pleasure of working with. He develops exceptional strategy at the outset, is a hands-on manager during the marketing campaign, and follows up each project with onsite client interviews and post-event outreach and campaign evaluation. I highly recommend John Gibb as a marketing manager or director. Carol Hirsch” August 20, 2007

Carol Hirsch, Client Program Manager, Moody's Investors Service

“John was a great Senior Marketing Manager who was respected by all for his knowledge, strategic vision and flawless execution of his portfolio of events.”

Denise Klemm, Marketing Manager, Gartner

“I had the pleasure of working with John on many projects at The Conference Board, many of which were some of the organization's most prestigious. As marketing manager for several CEO Forums, the Annual Dinner fundraiser, and various events in the Asia-Paacific region, John's professional sense of quality control was very reassuring. He had a solid grasp of the many elements needed in executing a successful marketing campaign, and the results were exemplary.”

Clayton Shedd, Assistant Director, The Conference Board

“John is a creative thinker with thoughtful ideas and takes the time to understand the market that he is engaging. He has a in-depth understanding of all aspects of direct mail from marketing lists and brokers to production and printing costs to the mail house.”

Mark Lackey, Sr. Manager, Knowledge Management, The Conference Board

“I worked with John when I was an Executive Conference Director at Global Business Research. John was the marketing manager for some of the healthcare conferences that I organized. John did a first-rate job. Our collaboration resulted in some very successful events for Global Business Research.”

Satish Kavirajan, Executive Conference Director , Global Business Research

“I had the pleasure of working with John at Gartner and was great to work with. Along with his marketing skills, John showed great skills for budgets, forecasting and data to show ROI. He is a true numbers guy as well as a marketing professional. One of his other great assets was his ability to reach out to outside associates and partner with them and maximize those relationships from a marketing standpoint.”

Bart Bailey-Gates, Marketing Professional, Gartner

“John has the rare gift of rapidly concluding complex partnerships around both traditional and virtual events-and optimizing them during conceptualization, negotiation and execution. Our series of partnerships always ran smoothly, synergized our complementary assets, capitalized on emerging media and technology and very cost-effectively boosted attendance at our respective events. In time, I realized John's mastery of IT and content market trends, production processes, marketing communications and multi-stakeholder management both assured our success and defined a senior-level marketing professional's requisite skillset.”

Gian Trotta, Director of Business Development, ebizQ

“John's expertise and creativity allowed our marketing partnership to flourish. He spearheaded innovative campaigns that led to great results for both of our companies. I highly recommend working with John on any project if you have the opportunity.”

Ely Rosenstock, Director of Marketing, ebizQ

“John is a creative marketer that has a terrific sense of operations, finances and creating partnerships with marketing entities. He is accommodating, has a strong work ethic, curious and takes ownership of a situation.”

Jason Brandt, GVP Worldwide Events Marketing, Gartner

“John was excellent to work with. He is a very detail oriented and dedicated worker, as well as, a larger picture strategic thinker. John was always busy working on his projects, but I liked to run my projects by him as well for a different point of view and his insight was always helpful.”

William Smith, Director of Marketing, Conferences, The Conference Board

“I had the opportunity to work with John at the National Retail Federation. He clearly demonstrated himself as a self-starter. John was responsible for several improvements in NRF's membership records management. He is a dedicated and conscientious worker. I believe that John will be successful and an asset to any organization that may employ his talents.”

Iver Nielsen, Senior Director, MIS, National Retail Federation

“It has been a pleasure to know and work with John. At the NRF- a membership-based organization - John performed mission-critical responsibilities quite well: he managed the firm's membership records. A level-headed, highly-organized, forward-thinking individual, John stood out as an effective communicator, as well as someone who was unafraid of organizational challenges or changes. I highly recommend John, whom I believe would be a solid asset to any firm.”

Ben Nudelman, IT Manager, National Retail Federation

“John is one of the best marketing managers I have ever had the pleasure to work with. He was consistently on time, creative, and on budget. He also brought great spirit to the team.”

Nancy Jacobs , Divisional President , Global Business Research

Service Providers & Vendors:

“John had hired me to work on several design projects for Gartner. I always found John to be a terrific client, providing detailed SOW for any and all projects and being consistently collaborative and creative. He will be a major asset to any corporation fortunate enough to grab him first!” February 4, 2009

Liz Grace, Owner, Grace Design

“John hired me to deliver a workshop at a Gartner Event. Throughout my dealings with him I found him to have great integrity and to be a man of honour. These are qualities that are not so often found in Sales and Marketing people today. I would not hesitate to recommend John to anyone seeking to add strength to their teams.”

Mark McGregor , Director, BPM Group

“John embodies a rare combination of personality traits: He’s a detail-oriented multi-tasker with a calm demeanor and affable personality. I worked with John on several results-oriented digital ad campaigns for various Gartner initiatives over the years. Although we worked mostly over the phone or through emails, when I finally had the chance to meet him in person and see the programs he had put together for Gartner's BPM Summit, I was truly impressed. John demonstrated an ability to easily handle every facet of working in the rapidly changing "live venue" environment keeping everyone on task and still making time to make me feel like an honored guest. I suspect John treats everyone this way, as evidenced by the vast number of colleagues, vendors and associates who have similar praise for John. Given the opportunity, I would not hesitate to hire John.”

Steve Blizin, Account Executive, NewsFactor Network

“Professional, highly organized, creative and a great collaborator - John is one of the best clients I have worked with. No matter what the challenge (and there were plenty in his very demanding position), he rose to the occasion with flexibility and integrity. It is refreshing to work with a top-notch marketing expert who is also a really nice guy.” February 2, 2009

Marcia Dennis, Owner, mmd Marketing

“John is a very creative marketing person with formidable analytic skills. While we worked together, he came up with a number of truly innovative marketing promotions that were fun for me to execute and ultimately, ended up in generating very successful results.”

Karen Gedney, President & Creative Director, Karen Gedney Communications, Inc.

“John's specifications are always exacting and cogent. He is always well prepared, presenting service requests in a timely fashion allowing ample time for the work to be completed, to me this is an indication that he has an understanding of the total scope of the project and the work that needs to be done.”

Susan Hewish, Sr. Acct. Manager, Data Services Inc.

“John is a very level headed individual with a keen sense of what drives the bottom line. His strong suit is perhaps his ability to analyze a situation and discern an appropriate course of action almost immediately. Every facet of John's personality plays into him being a welcome asset to his business relationships, and to the companies he is involved with.”

Bob Portner, Account Director, Specialists Marketing Services